PAST The Premiata Ditta Ceramiche Nicola Fasano, was officially born in 1968 from the previous family companies whose director had been Nicola since 1948. Before this date, the company was managed by the father, Francesco Fasano, ceramist, helped by his 6 sons and long before by the grandfather, Vincenzo Fasano, ceramist himself. Since 1623, there have been news about a precurson of the present trade-mark, today leader in the Pugliese territory regarding the production of typical, traditional ceramics, crockery, tiles, artistic majolicas, terracottas and decorative "faenze". In that period, the Grottaglie's feud belonged to Gregorio Castelli from Genova (he had been among Isabel of Aragon's heirs), and some ceramist from Liguria followed him: among them the skilful master Francesco Nicola Fasano who gave origin to his activity in a place just below the present factory , in an enough large cave, he got from his famous patron. That location is presently kept. In following tomes, those places were used as deposit of charcoal slack i.e. remains of the cooking in stoves. All the kinds of essential forms of dishes, cups, jugs and all that was made at that time for a home usage has been handed down from generation to generation and that is still valid on national and especially international markets. Among the most documented ancestors, Cosimo and Michele Fasano are particularly relevant, working in the half of the 19th century: some private collectors and public museums keep decorated objects of their production and it is possible to notice sobriety end clear neatness in decorations, extraordinary elegance of forms and the high technical and artistic level reached just by thse masters.

PRESENTThe Company has been managed for ten- year periods by Nicola Fasano, ceramics technician, helped, everyone in his field, by his sons. The shops, one in Milan, another in Rome, have always been a buttonhole of this company that, besides taking care of the development of the production, accurately handmade, uses the new technologies to lighten the man's work but it gives much care to the trade evolution. The permanent exhibitions in Berlin and New york are very recent. The Milan's fair (Macef) and the Frankfurt Messe (surrounding and trends), exhibitions where it is possible to show one's own products since 1968; they continue being occasions to meet the international customers, the "Fasano Nicola srl" news are presented to, with particular attention to the market exigencies. At the moment, 40 experts, in trade and production, are employed by the company: lathers, modellers, enamellers, decorators, furnacers. They are all excellent masters often comng from the Grottaglie's "Istituto Statale d'arte", many times rewarded and recognized as the best in the wordl thanks to the elegance of their executions and the ability to keep alive the old tradition of decoration whose original pieces are shown both in the Ceramics Museum, in the Grottaglie's Castello Episcopio which gives its name to the Ceramics Quarter.