The Fasanoceramiche CNF company manufactures each artifact in the historic headquarters in via Caravaggio 45 in Grottaglie - Ta, making use of the talent of its twelve masters: lathes and clay molders, cookers who are dedicated to the preparation of kilns, enamellers and decorators that finish the objects with thousands of decorations and colors. The direction is managed by the senior director Franco Fasano and his daughter Nicoletta.


Each handcraft is shaped by the lathe manually, from the smallest and simplest to the largest and most elaborate.

Drying and first firing

The shaped artefacts are left to dry naturally, allowing the slow evaporation of the residual water contained in the clay and, only subsequently, sent to the kilns for the first firing at 1000 degrees centigrade.

Glazing, second firing, decoration and third firing

The glazing of the crockery takes place by manual immersion in aqueous solution enamel tanks and, where required, decorated with different techniques, from the most traditional to the most contemporary ones, and then move on to the second firing at 960 degrees.

The countless quantity of colors and decorations, sometimes unique and unrepeatable, allows us to create something new every day.