The FASANOCERAMICHE CNF company carries out all the production phases of the ceramic products in the historical site located in via caravaggio 45 in Grottaglie (Ta). It has 15 kilns of various sizes, 12 master potters, 4 of whom are turners / finishers and modelers who make the clay creations, 2 kilnsmen, 4 decorators and other specialized support staff directed by the senior director Franco Fasano.


Shaping of the clay takes place manually and marginally with the help of molds.

Drying and first firing

The forged products are dried to allow the evaporation of the residual water contained in the clay and then sent to the kilns for the first firing at 1000 degrees centigrade.

Glazing, second firing, decoration and third firing

The crockery is glazed by manual immersion in aqueous solution enamel tanks and then possibly decorated by hand before the second firing at 960 degrees. The production characteristics of the contemporary collection requires a third firing. This allows us to obtain unrepeatable special effects by giving the characteristics of uniqueness to each article by imparting greater mechanical tenacity to the products.