GrottaglieWe are located in the "Alto Salento" peninsula in Puglia. Here, molded from clay are eighteen generations with the same passion; a craft in which FASANOCERAMICHE, while retaining the age-old techniques, has developed and refined more and more designs, colors, patterns and finishes without neglecting the commercial sector.

Amphorae, vases, pitchers, tile and above all everyday objects such as tableware and fire pans were joined by numerous and refined furnishings and for the lighting, heir NICOLA Fasano, artistic coordinator and consultant of the firm since 1970, followed the inspiration of the master Franco Fasano.

The method of production has remained what it once was: the clay passes from hand to hand from the "cretarulo" which prepares the "rotaluro" that the style and model before moving to the first firing in the kiln. "Cookie" is dipped into the glaze and then switches to the "painter" who adds 'the final touch before the second firing.

Visit the factory to see how to make Pumi Knights and Dolls with Mustaches (Figures Apulian tradition of the seventeenth century) or the line of "valuable" made ​​by coating the fine ceramics with gold, silver or platinum pure fixed with a third firing. The process is always visible to those who request to assist in the realization of particular works commissioned by stylists, designers, architects and indicators of trends that contribute to the development of innovative imperfections.

The ambition of wanting to be the best

There is great demand abroad and our work is sold in the best shops in the world, especially in the "contemporary" art style which has been exploding in recent years.

But the pride of FASANOCERAMICHE lies in having contributed to the furnishing of countless hotels, Farms and Resorts, especially in Puglia, Basilicata and Tuscany as "Palazzo Margherita" by Francis Ford Coppola, "Borgo Egnatia", "Il Melograno", and many others, as well as the furnishing of many movie sets from the sixties to the present.

All this is topped by the ambition of wanting to be the best.